Concentrated Mouthwash GLISTER™

Ordering number: 9949
Size: 50 ml

    This concentrated multi-action mouthwash freshens your breath to leave your mouth feeling minty clean, and helps remove more plaque than just brushing alone. Each bottle provides at least 100 minty-flavoured rinses.

    • Significantly reduces plaque over brushing alone.
    • Concentrated formula for up to 100 uses from one bottle.

    Pump 5 squirts into the cup provided and fill to the line with water. Rinse mouth for 30 seconds, after brushing once in the morning and in the evening.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Will this product irritate my skin?

    No. In fact, it soothes damaged skin, so any irritation is lessened. In clinical tests, 94% felt their skin was more comfortable, and 95% felt the product was gentle and mild on their skin.

    Why is there sugar in XS Juiced Power Drink?

    The sugar comes naturally from the fruit juice concentrates. There is no sugar added to the drink.

    Why is the full Power System a good idea?

    The HYDRA-V Power System gives you an easy 3-step system with the most essential components of the collection. When you use them together, you experience the maximum hydration benefits. Your skin has never felt so soft and supple.

    Why is it important to remove makeup before bed?

    To keep your skin in good health, you must let your skin to breathe and renew during the night. That is why removing all pore-clogging impurities, including makeup, is essential. Moreover, makeup residue may cause many skin imperfections. Evening cleaning routine will leave your skin fresh, soft and ready for night.