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Nourishing Gel Cream ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™

Ordering number: 117648
Size: 75 ml

    A silky sheer hydrating gel cream that rapidly moisturises and nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

    What It Does For You

    • Absorbs quickly into your skin with a medium-weight formula so you experience fast hydration.
    • Your skin looks soft and supple and feels refreshed and comfortable.

    Why You Would Like It

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Nourishing Gel Cream is a smooth, sheer hydrator that gives any skin type the moisture balance it needs. Continuous hydration benefits last for 24 hours so you never have the unpleasant feeling of dehydrated skin. Your skin's moisture levels are maintained at healthy levels and oily zones are under control. You will start to see and feel the benefits after only one use thanks to our unique formula with exclusive skin-hydrating ARTISTRY HYDRA-V ingredients.

    Facts For You

    • Immediately boosts your skin's hydration levels by 197%.
    • Just one use is enough to feel the skin-hydrating benefits of this universal moisturiser.
    • Your skin stays hydrated for 24 hours after use.

    Key Features

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Nourishing Gel Cream benefits any skin type with essential hydration that lasts all day:

    • The medium-weight formula absorbs quickly, yet conveys deeply nourishing moisture to your skin.
    • An all-round hydrator that also controls oily zones, it is a suitable moisturiser for any skin type.

    How To Use


    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Nourishing Gel Cream is the ideal hydrator for all skin types. It delivers the hydrating power of Norwegian Fjord Water deep into the skin with the help of exclusive ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposomes. To ensure your skin retains a good moisture balance all day, Hawaiian Acai and Moisturising Liposome help lock moisture into your skin with results that last 24 hours. For anyone experiencing excess oil in their complexion Natural Marine Ingredients have been included to manage sebun production and oily areas.

    Frequently asked questions

    What does the Hawaiian Acai do?

    This small purple berry strengthens your skin's natural moisture barrier. So water stays sealed in your skin for longer.

    What does the Liposome technology do?

    This patented innovation from ARTISTRY encapsulates the Norwegian Fjord Water in the formula and delivers it deep into the skin. This gives you maximum hydrating power.

    Can the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Collection be used with other ARTISTRY skincare products?

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products are compatible with all ARTISTRY skincare products, including the ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE™ product line.