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Replenishing Moisture Cream ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™

Ordering number: 117646
Size: 50 ml

    A deeply moisturising cream for normal to dry skin gives you lasting results in a light formula.

    What It Does For You

    • Your skin will feel silky smooth thanks to the optimal hydrating effects in this light, fast-absorbing formula.
    • Deeply nourishes your skin with a rich quality that is perfect for normal to dry skin.
    • You can also use it as a night cream with any skin type for overnight moisturising.

    Why You Would Like It

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Replenishing Moisture Cream offers the perfect moisturising formula for normal to dry skin. It is easily absorbed so your skin feels nourished, soft and smooth after use. The rich, yet lightweight quality of this moisturiser delivers deep hydration to your skin. It also keeps on working long into the day giving hydrating relief to your skin for a full 24 hours. You can also use ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Replenishing Moisture Cream as an overnight cream to boost your skin's moisture levels while you sleep.

    Facts For You

    • Your skin's hydration levels are immediately increased by 197%, which shows how rapidly this product is absorbed.
    • You will continue to experience hydrating benefits for 24 hours after applying.
    • This product is non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), as well as allergy and dermatologist tested.

    Key Features

    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Replenishing Moisture Cream immediately moisturises your skin with a rich but lightweight formula:

    • Your skin can quickly absord this formula, and the hydrating effects continue for a full 24 hours.
    • This is the ideal soothing cream if your skin is feeling dehydrated or stressed.

    How To Use

    • Use daily after cleansing and toning your skin.
    • Massage lightly over your skin.
    • Also perfect as an overnight cream for all skin types.


    ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Replenishing Moisture Cream restores hydration to your skin with a rich formula that is also lightweight and fast absorbing. You will experience smooth, supple and radiant skin thanks to the replenishing ingredients in this soothing daily moisture cream.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I know if this product is right for my skin type?

    The two broad categories of skin types are normal to dry and combination to oily. Normal to dry skin is typically taut, fragile and dull, with fine pores, fine lines and possibly flaking. Combination to oily skin is characterised by an oily sheen, large pores and blemishes. Combination skin is a mix of dry and oily. This product is recommended for daily use with normal to dry skin and can be used with any skin type as a night cream.

    Is it possible to use ARTISTRY HYDRA-V in winter?

    Yes, ARTISTRY HYDRA-V is a great product line to use in the winter, due to the drying effect that winter conditions have on skin.

    What are the characteristics of the Norwegian Fjord Water used in ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products and is it sustainably sourced?

    The water used in ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products comes from glaciers formed 10,000 years ago in a unique Norwegian fjord. Filtered through special quartz sand, this water is believed by experts to be the purest in Norway. Benefiting from minimal contact with humans, our Norwegian Fjord Water is a fresh and pure source of hydration for your skin. Encapsulated pure Norwegian Fjord Water is in every ARTISTRY HYDRA-V product to provide instant refreshment with pristine hydration deep within the upper layers of your skin. The fjord water used in ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products is sustainably sourced.