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Toothpaste Travel Size GLISTER™

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kr540.00 / 1 litre
Ordering number: 1959
Size: 50 ml/75 g

    A multi-action fluoride toothpaste with SYLODENT™ Silica, provides optimum stain removal with enamel safe polishing. Clinically tested to remove plaque and fight cavities with regular brushing, leaving your teeth sparkling clean and fresh.

    SYLODENT™ formula helps redeposit essential minerals back onto the enamel to make teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.

    • Helps remove plaque with regular brushing.

    • Remineralises teeth.

    • Cleans safely.

    • Helps remove coffee, tea and tobacco stains effectively.

    • Enamel safe polishing.

    • Uniquely shaped edges with precise control of particle size to clean and whiten teeth without bleaching.

    • Aids in the prevention of dental cavities.

    • Leaves mouth and breath feeling refreshed.

    Not recommended for children under the age of six.