Vitamin C and Wild Yam ARTISTRY™

Ordering number: 7313 Size: 10 ml

    A localised anti-wrinkle treatment that targets spots and wrinkles with Vitamin C at its peak potency.

    What It Does For You

    • If you are experiencing age spots and wrinkles in mature skin, target them with highly potent Vitamin C & Wild Yam.
    • This product lets you treat specific areas of the face, such as the areas around the eyes and mouth that need special attention.
    • You can enjoy the best possible results as the two components are mixed just before using for maximum freshness.
    • Perfect for removing signs of sun damage you might see in the form of dark spots.

    Why You Would Like It

    ARTISTRY Vitamin C & Wild Yam is a highly targeted anti-wrinkle treatment with amazing ingredients. It is proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots and diminish wrinkles. You benefit from powerful, nature-identical, pharmaceutical grade L-ascorbic Vitamin C and Wild Yam – two substances shown to be extremely effective against wrinkles. You can use this localised treatment alongside your daily anti-ageing skincare regime for areas where wrinkles are more acute. According to test results, you will see impressive results around the mouth after 8 weeks and in the eye area after 16 weeks.

    Facts For You

    • 100% of subjects achieved a noticeable improvement in the lines of the mouth area after 16 weeks of treatment and over 90% in 8 weeks.
    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes by 58% after 16 weeks of treatment.
    • Fragrance free, dermatologist tested, opthalmologist tested.

    Key Features

    ARTISTRY Vitamin C & Wild Yam gives you an extra level of wrinkle-fighting power as part of an advanced anti-ageing skincare routine:

    • The only product of its kind that lets you control when the Vitamin C is activated for optimal efficacy.
    • Key ingredients are kept in separate vials until you are ready to mix and use.
    • Reduces dark spots and wrinkles with potent Vitamin C and Wild Yam, known for their skin-smoothing properties.

    How To Use

    • Mix the Wild Yam Serum (plastic tube) with the Vitamin C Powder (glass bottle). This is done by inverting the serum dispenser over the glass bottle and emptying. Shake well until the colour is uniform.
    • Apply by gently tapping the mixture around the eye and lip areas and wherever wrinkles appear (safe to use all over the face and neck). • Once mixed, the product is active and stable for 30 days. One vial set provides enough mixture for 30 days when used twice a day.


    ARTISTRY Vitamin C & Wild Yam is built around two substances found in nature that have powerful anti-wrinkle and spot reducing effects. The Vitamin C comes from NUTRIWAY-approved L'ascorbic acid (5%) and Acerola Cherry extract (500 mg total), which has the highest natural concentration of Vitamin C. The Vitamin C Powder is contained in the glass bottle. 15% Wild Yam Serum Acerola Cherry Extract is contained in a separate plastic tube for mixing with the Vitamin C component just before use. This ensures optimum freshness and the best possible results.